April 30, 2016

6 Ways To Know Someone's True Character

Have you ever looked at someone and know everything about them instantly? Well it's nearly impossible but if you want to know someone's character, then all you need is to notice how they behave. Here are some points below which will give you enough idea about knowing a particular person:

 1. Their Talking Sense

There are so many languages but they hardly matter but  talking sense is the best way to describe the person. Some people use abusive words to talk which shows their true character. Talking is the best way to show their feelings, excitement, words, what they do, etc. The tone of voice is all that matters, people with slow tone are calm and soft whereas people with high and fast tone are considered rude. Sometime words show what we are. Some people use some bad words in their conversation, some people use very good words and some people use normal words. So on the basis of words, you can know the character of the people.

 2. Their Mentality

We think so many things in our daily life and this also describe our character. A good person will think good and apply their positive thinking in their daily life. A bad person will think the negative things in their mind and do bad to others. Our perspectice of thinking show our character with our actions because when we think anything, we apply our way of thinking accordingly and this is our real life.

3. What They Eat: 

What you eat also shows your character and your taste also :P . An American president told this thing in an interview, "Tell me what you eat and I'll tell you what you are". If you prefer a simple and traditional meal it means you're a simple person whereas if you prefer fast foods, chinese food, it means you're a edgy person.

4. Eye Contact:

  Eyes contact is an easy way to show the character of a person. Our eyes show what we like and they glance automatically on things we like. So when you are talking with someone then look in their eyes and then you'll know everything about the person like what they feel.

 5. What They Do In Their Home: 

Some people show they're a great soul but they do many bad things to their family members. We're already aware of some serials like Savdhan India, Crime petrol, etc. Notice how they behave with their family members at their home and not in any public place. There are some people who show they are very good, honest, caring, kind and all but at their own home he/she don't care about anyone at all. This thing is also reveal their true character.

6. How They Behave In Public Place with Others: 

Some peoples are too good in front of their family, relatives, friends and neighbor but in public places they are very rude and irresponsible but some people are good and responsible in public place and not with there relative and all. For example, if someone is at a restaurant and he argues and speak rudely to the waiter, he is definitely not good by nature. Some boys are also not so good, they do some bad things in public place like passing wrong comments to girls, abuse people, see girls with filthy eye and argue. Some old people say "If you want to know something about someone then travel with them". 

Did you find these steps easy? Or do you have your own way of knowing a person? Do share it on comments.

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  1. This was such an interesting post and helpful as well :)